Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your products made? 

Our jars and our candles are made in small quantities and by hand by Maëva D, in our Montreal workshop .

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Are your candles vegan ?

Absolutely ! We use soy wax with natural essential oils and long lasting fragrance oils. Our candles are certified cruelty - free and vegan .

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Are your candles natural? 

candles are made with vegetable soy wax . Our perfumes are made of natural essential oils and sustainable perfume oils. We use a 100% natural sealant that releases no toxins during combustion. Our wicks are made of wood without chemical transformation, which allows a clean combustion.

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What type of wax do you use?

use 100% soy wax .

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Can I refill my jar? 

It is made for that ! Our pots have been designed to be refilled up to 2 times with our refills which are tailor-made for our Cotton Coral pots .

Only use our refills for our Cotton Coral pots, they are not made to burn alone . We cannot guarantee that it will be safe to use them in other conditions . Learn more.


How long will my candle burn ?

 If you use correctly your candle, it can last more than 40 hours!


What country do you ship to?

We only ship to Canada and the United States at this time.

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