Our story

Coton Corail is a Montreal brand that combines aesthetics and durability through its creations. Minimalist-inspired, eco-friendly candles that will fit into any decor. 

We illuminate your homes with high quality natural candles that are made with the utmost respect for our environment.

Our jars just like our candles are 100% handmade in our Montreal workshop.

We pay special attention to each piece we create.

We have imagined a candle that meets the need that is increasingly present in our new responsible consumption habits: the reuse of a candle container. In a minimalist and zero waste vision, we wanted to create a durable piece, which will be an integral part of your decor and which we will enjoy refilling with rich and complex fragrances. The Coton Corail candle was designed to meet your needs and last. 

Values that resemble us and bring us together.


Behind the brand...


Maëva D. is the founder of Coton Corail. She is from Reunion Island, a small tropical French island lost in the Indian Ocean. Maëva grew up with the rhythm of the sea and learned very young to admire and protect the nature that surrounds her. 

The conversation flora and fauna has always been an important issue in everything she does. 

Today, a great lover of candles, she quickly found herself faced with a recurring problem: the accumulation of empty jars at the end of the life of the candles. 

Unfortunately, a very large portion of these pots end up in landfills very quickly and are almost never recycled. This sad reality is what prompted her to create a container refillable several times in order to make the pleasure of her favorite candles last.

It was quickly important for Maëva to combine her company with an environmental cause. Due to its origins, but above all because of the current situation of the oceans. 

She decides to join the organization Coral Gardeners whose mission is to replant coral on various reefs around the world in order to limit coral bleaching due to warming and acidification of the waters.

Thus, a percentage of the profits on each sale will be given to Coral Gardeners and will help with aquatic reforestation of corals.


Maëva Deheaulme, fondatrice de Coton Corail