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Why choose candles made in Quebec

When you choose candles made in Quebec, you are not only opting for a quality product, but also for support for the local economy and a commitment to sustainable practices. Here’s why Quebec candles stand out, particularly those from Coton Corail.

Craftsmanship Quality

Candles made in Quebec, like those from Coton Corail , are handmade by passionate artisans. Each candle is the result of unique know-how, guaranteeing superior quality and unrivaled attention to detail.

Sourcing Local and Sustainable

By choosing locally made candles, you are supporting businesses that source their materials sustainably. At Coton Corail, each component, from soy wax to cotton wicks, is chosen for its minimal impact on the environment.

Support for Local Economy

Buying local means supporting small businesses and artisans in your region. This helps create jobs and strengthen the local economy. Coton Corail is proud to be part of this dynamic community.

Unique and Natural Perfumes

Quebec candles, particularly those from Coton Corail, are often scented with essential oils or natural perfumes, creating unique and captivating aromas. These perfumes are designed to evoke the landscapes and seasons of Quebec.


Choosing candles made in Quebec, like those from Coton Corail, means opting for quality, durability and support for the local economy. It’s a simple but effective way to make a positive difference.

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