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Together for a marine future: Our commitment to Coral Gardeners

In our world where marine ecosystems are threatened, it is our duty to protect our oceans and their precious biodiversity. At Coton Corail, we are proud to partner with Coral Gardeners, an organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of coral reefs around the world.

Our engagement :

With every candle you purchase from Coton Corail, a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting the efforts of Coral Gardeners. Through this contribution, we actively participate in planting corals in the oceans, helping to restore damaged coral reefs and create essential habitats for a multitude of marine species.

Why are coral reefs important?

Coral reefs are home to an incredible diversity of marine life and play a crucial role in regulating climate and protecting coastlines from erosion. Unfortunately, these precious ecosystems are threatened by climate change, pollution and other human activities. By supporting Coral Gardeners, we are helping to reverse this trend and preserve these natural gems for future generations.

How can you help:

By choosing to buy our candles, you also become an actor of change for the protection of our oceans. Every purchase contributes directly to our mission of saving coral reefs and preserving marine life.

Together, let's make a difference for our planet and support Coral Gardeners in their noble cause. Join us in this mission and brighten your home while helping to protect our precious oceans.

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